Client Review


“Please accept our grateful appreciation in helping us solve Ralph’s Medicare/Worker’s Comp problem. When we first came in, it was for some helpful suggestions, but to our delight you managed, and accomplished what we could not. We realize that putting everything together, for the task, took a great deal of time. What we are trying to say is “THANK YOU”. It is an understatement to say we have always appreciated your friendly, hometown service. (thank you again.)” – Ralph & Jeannette B.

Medicare Supplements


Medicare Supplementsare different than major medical insurance because Medicare is the primary insurance, while the supplement is secondary. Therefore, most seniors can change their supplement easily if the premium increases too much. At Munz-Hermes & Associates, Inc., our clients know we can save them money if their present company raises the rates excessively.

Since we are brokers, we have many companies to choose from. We do a comparison of all the available companies, and place our clients with the most appropriate choice available for their age and health needs. We do the shopping for our clients, and they know they will have insurance they can afford.  


Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Medicare Plan

  • Did you have problem with your plan last year?
  • Can you afford your current plan?
  • Were you recently diagnosed with a new illness?
  • Will you need dental or vision coverage?
  • Are your prescriptions covered? Will you need a separate prescription drug plan?
  • Which plans will be accepted at every hospital and doctor in the USA that accepts Medicare?
  • What do insurance companies not want you to know that can save you considerable dollars, now and in the future?
  • How can some companies have a $0 premium, while others are over $100 per month or more?
  • Do you need help finding the right plan for you?

Would you like more information? Phil regularly hosts Medicare 101 seminars which are free to the public. If you haven’t been able to attend in person, you can use the link below to view a recording of a webinar version of the Medicare 101 seminar.

Medicare 101 Webinar